Child Sexual Abuse

Sadly, there are too many stories of child sexual abuse to count in the news recently. Child sexual abuse is reported as many as 80,000 times per year, and there are many more that go unreported because the victims are too scared or embarrassed to tell anyone what is being done to them.

Take the recent cases against both a Penn State University Coach and a Syracuse University Coach; the amount of media attention alone is enough to scare anyone from coming forward, then afterwards the victims must face the legal process involved with gaining justice for the wrongs that have been done to them. Legal proceedings are difficult on anyone, but especially on children and their families after sexual abuse has occurred.

Another reason sexual abuse victims don’t report their perpetrators is because sadly, in more than 90% of cases the victims know the perpetrator in some way. The victim is torn between loyalty to the person they are supposed to be able to trust, fear that this person will do more harm to them, and fear for what will happen to them and the perpetrator if they do report the abuse.

The allegations against former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky were all made by children who knew him personally. Sadly, the allegations keep coming from more and more victims. Just recently Sandusky was rearrested after a new round of sexual abuse charges were made against him. While this is extremely sad, it is also a reminder that even though charges may have already been brought against your perpetrator, you could still file your own charges against him or her.

Child sexual abuse needs to be stopped. Unfortunately the process of doing so is intimidating for a child. We are aware of the risks, harm, and embarrassment that can come from filing suit against your perpetrator, but the attorneys for survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation at The Pisanchyn Law Firm urge you, if you are or a loved one is the victim of child sexual abuse, to contact one of our child sexual abuse attorneys, in Pennsylvania, as soon as possible. By contacting an attorney you will bring your perpetrator to justice, protecting yourself and possibly others, which will put an end to the abuse. Due to our attorney’s experience in both criminal law and civil suits we can help you with the criminal prosecution of the perpetrator, if you so choose, as well as the civil prospect of your case so you can be fully compensated for the suffering that you have endured as a result of the abuse.

The Pisanchyn Law Firm represents child abuse of all ages and all throughout Pennsylvania. We also pledge that we will do our very best to keep all matters private and confidential. We know that you have been through more than enough, there’s no need to share the details of this trying time with the media or anyone else. There are certain petitions that we can file to keep the identity of the abuse victim confidential and we will fight aggressively to see that this is done and that you can stop living in fear and start the healing process. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to speak to an attorney in full and complete confidentiality about child sexual abuse and a possible case please do not hesitate  email us.

If you know of someone suffering abuse please call the Child Line and Abuse Registry at 800-932-0313.