People rent equipment from rental centers every day of the year. Usually, the equipment works properly, and there are no problems. Sometimes, however, that equipment can malfunction and hurt the renter. When that happens, the rental center can be held liable for their negligence.

Not many people own heavy machinery. When they rent it, they expect it to work well and perform as expected. However, if the machinery hasn’t been properly maintained, it could injure the renter. The renter or other workers could also be injured if they haven’t been properly trained in the use of the machinery. If an employee gets injured while using a rented piece of equipment, both the subcontractor in charge of the job site and the rental agency can be held liable for the incident.

Owners of rental centers need to keep their equipment functioning safely. They also need to make sure that anybody who rents their equipment has the experience to use it safely. Any equipment that could injure the user or another person should be labeled with safety warnings. If a person rents any equipment, the rental center should make sure the renter has OSHA certification before they allow the rental. By pre-qualifying customers, rental agencies can limit their liability in case there’s an accident.

Rental machinery should be inspected by the rental center before and after each use. The customer should also examine the equipment to make sure there are no worn or missing parts. If the machine has brakes, they should be tested before putting the gear to use. Rented scaffolding should be tested to make sure it is assembled correctly and all the parts are in good working order.

Renting a car, truck or trailer is similar to renting machinery, but vehicle rentals have other types of safety issues. For instance, tires brakes can cause an unsuspecting renter to have an accident. When a rented vehicle is the cause of an accident, the rental center can be held liable if the vehicle hasn’t had the proper upkeep.

Rental centers are also responsible for renting the right equipment to their customers. If a customer rents equipment, the rental center has to make sure that the equipment/machinery is sturdy enough to do the job. By renting equipment/machinery that is not up to standard, the rental center is liable if the equipment/machinery breaks down and causes an accident. In that case, compensation for medical costs and other damages are likely, if you have an experienced lawyer to handle the case. Law suits concerning rental equipment or machinery can be complicated. An experienced attorney, like those at The Pisanchyn Law Firm can handle the suit properly and successfully for you. Rental centers need to make sure their equipment is functioning well and will not injure the renter. If they rent machinery that malfunctions and injures someone, the rental center must be held liable for their negligence.

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