What is OSHA?

The Occupational and Safety Health Administration, or OSHA, governs workplace practices across a number of fields. In each of these, the priority is the same: ensure the safety of workers and protect everyone from injury. Although OSHA regulations are important in every workplace, they are especially critical on construction sites, where a single mistake or violation can lead to catastrophic injury and death. Litigating suits that involve OSHA violations requires a deep understanding of proper protocols, which is why you don’t want to leave a lawsuit like this to just any attorney.

The Pisanchyn Law Firm has been helping clients who suffered injuries because of OSHA violations for more than a decade, and we have seen a number of common causes. These violations include:

  • exposure to toxic chemicals
  • failure to use protective equipment
  • failure to repair vehicles not in compliance
  • a general lack of security features on scaffolds, walkways and ladders


Any one of these OSHA violations can be disastrous, so the key to winning a lawsuit of this kind is determining who was liable for the error. Because liability can be complex to sort out, it is important to work with an experienced Pennsylvania construction accident injury attorney from the start.

Why Hire an Attorney After an OSHA Violation?

The injuries that arise from any OSHA violation can be serious as well, but this is especially true on construction sites. Falls from ladders and scaffolds can result in significant head and neck trauma. Chemical exposure can result in acute symptoms such as cardiac arrest, or long-term symptoms such as mesothelioma from asbestos exposure. And the mismanagement of heavy equipment can lead to crush injuries and traumatic amputations, especially when workers are pinned by machines that may not have adequate warnings or controls in place. No matter what the injury, it is incumbent upon your lawyer to draw a straight line from the violation to your injuries.

If you have suffered an injury that can be traced to an OSHA violation, it is essential to protect your rights and your family’s finances. Working with an OSHA attorney who understands these issues is a crucial step in recovering the full and fair settlement you deserve. To speak with a lawyer right away, please call The Pisanchyn Law Firm now or fill out the form to the right.