Inadequate construction training that results in an injury or fatality in Pennsylvania is no excuse for causing you or your loved one harm.

Construction companies have a legal obligation to properly train workers and hire skilled workers who underwent the necessary training to operate certain types of equipment. If companies fail to do so, they have to be held legally responsible for construction accidents caused by untrained workers.

Inadequate Construction Training is a State and Federal Safety Violation

Construction companies that employ untrained workers are often violating state and federal regulations. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is the federal agency responsible regulating workplace safety and health. When companies violate such regulations, the penalties can often be very severe.

Why hire a lawyer after inadequate construction training caused you harm?

Proving that your accident occurred due to inadequate construction training can be difficult. That’s because many companies might insist that they provided the necessary training or even go so far as to try to falsify documents. We’re familiar with such tactics and know how to uncover the truth.

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