15 Passenger Van Accident Attorneys

15 Passenger Van Accident Attorneys

15 Passenger vans are often used as a means of transportation for small groups of students, sports teams, senior citizen groups, church groups, as well as short distance travel for compensation. These vans often have lower price tags than passenger buses due to using less fuel for transportation. 15 passenger van’s are prone to accidents, harming you, your loved ones, and possibly even your children. These passenger van accidents are more severe than most motor vehicle accidents. Our PA 15 passenger van accident lawyers can help if you or a loved one has been injured in as a passenger in a 15 passenger van accidentFill out the form  to email our attorneys directly and get a free consultation.

These vans have extreme downfalls that outweigh the cut in cost. These vans, more than any other vehicle, are prone to single-vehicle rollover accidents. The rear of these vehicles extends over the back wheels about 4-5 feet causing heavy loading in the back end. When 15 passenger vans have to make emergency maneuvers, such as sudden braking or sudden turns, the extra weight and instability causes them to fishtail and roll and results in a 15 passenger van crash.

These vehicles are extremely dangerous due to the many design flaws they have. They have been prohibited from being used for school-related transportation for high school students and younger. Colleges, private groups, and senior citizen still use these dangerous vehicles, however putting many passengers at risk of being injured as passengers in van accidents.

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