The Heart and Lung Act provides for complete wage replacement (at your full salary), plus medical expenses, for broad classes of Pennsylvania employees, specifically the following:

  • State Police
  • Liquor Control Board Enforcement Officers
  • Liquor Control Board Investigators
  • Parole Agents
  • Correction Employees with Principal Duties of Care, Custody and Control of Inmates
  • Psychiatric Security Aides Employed by the Department of Public Welfare
  • Psychiatric Security Aides Employed by the Department of Corrections
  • Drug Enforcement Agents
  • All Policemen (County, City, Borough, Town or Township)
  • All Firemen (County, City, Borough, Town or Township)
  • All Park Guards (County, City, Borough, Town or Township)
  • Sheriffs
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Members of the Delaware River Port Authority Police
  • Special Agents of the Office of Attorney General


The purpose of the Heart and Lung Act is to provide a full salary, not compensation, to employees in certain dangerous occupations who have been injured on the job and who are expected to recover and return to work in the foreseeable future. These Acts, however, are not a replacement for Workers’ Compensation benefits. If an employee’s injury is found to be “permanent” rather than temporary, that employee should not continue to receive benefits under the Heart and Lung Act but should properly receive Workers’ Compensation benefits.

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