Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Commercial vehicle accidents are some of the most severe accidents that can occur. Whether the vehicle is transporting furniture to a new home or children to and from school a great amount of trust is placed in the hands of commercial vehicle drivers. When these commercial vehicles cause severe accidents and injuries you or your loved one could receive compensation for your injuries. Our Pennsylvania commercial vehicle accident lawyers can help you. Fill out the form to email our attorneys directly and get a free consultation.

What are Commercial Vehicles?

Commercial vehicles can be a number of different vehicles. 15-passenger vansschool busestour buses, tractor trailers, and even trains are considered to be commercial vehicles.

These accidents can occur between the commercial vehicle and another vehicle or the commercial vehicle itself can lose control causing a one vehicle collision. Either way, if you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial vehicle accident you could receive compensation for your injuries.

A commercial vehicle is any motor vehicle that is used to transport passengers or property. The following are qualifications to classify a vehicle as commercial:

  • The vehicle weighs more than 17,000 pounds
  • The vehicle transports more than 8 passengers, including the driver, for compensation
  • The vehicle transports more than 15 passengers, including the driver, but not for compensation
  • The vehicle is a school bus
  • The vehicle transports hazardous materials


What are the Laws for Operating a Commercial Vehicle?

In order to operate a commercial vehicle the driver must hold a CDL, commercial driver’s license. To obtain a CDL a driver must meet the following requirements:

  • The driver must be 21 years or older
  • The driver must have 20/40 vision or wear glasses
  • The driver must not be color blind
  • The driver must be able to read road signs and understand law enforcement
  • The driver must have 10/20 hearing in his or her best ear
  • The driver must submit to a physical exams at least every two years
  • The driver cannot have any sort of mental impairment that interferes with safe driving


Drivers who fail to follow these regulations can be fined, as can the motor carrier or company that owns the vehicle. Violations to the above regulations commonly lead to commercial vehicle accidents.

Our Pennsylvania Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys Can Help

You or your loved one receive compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, medical bills, permanent disability, and other damages if you are the victim of a commercial vehicle accident. Our PA Commercial vehicle injury lawyers will will fight for the justice you deserve after being injured in a commercial vehicle accident.

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